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Internet solutions and web design.

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Any company needs to have a web site. But how can it be developed? And who can do it?

On the net there are plenty of web design teams. You can also find nice templates if you like. But this will not solve your problem. In many cases a company needs a dynamic website, good looking and full featured. Such sites are very hard to find and you will need a custom software development company to program the back end.

When you intend to hire such companies to design your web site you need to know exactly what features needs to be integrated in the back end and linked to the layout. The design of the web site will be done based on the back end. The web design must be W3C standard compliant to be compatible to most of the web browsers.

The back end can be coded in many programming languages such as PHP or ASP but then the site must be installed on a compatible server. Use javascript only for small features and web design not for the entire site engine. If you don’t do this, many of the pages will not be indexed correctly by search engines.

Note that your site needs to be optimised for search engines. This can be done with a good web page design, easy to be crawled.

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